Which Coach Wool Scarves?

  1. I can't decide which scarf I should get. :confused1: What are your opinions and if you have any of them tell me how you like it. Is it very warm or does it make you a bit itchy? It's getting cold here and I am in need of a scarf. And in love with the signature ones. I like the parchment in the sculpted signature and the black/white in signature knit skinny scarf.

    By the way, Have you guys seen any Signature Wool scarves similar to these at the outlets lately? I called one of my local outlets and they said they were sold out. I'm so upset at myself because I saw one at one time but was looking for something else so didn't bother to get it. I hate when I do that.

    Oh and I finally got my brass script heart keyfob three days early then the expected date. I didn't realize it was kinda small. I guess because I'm so used to my huge heart luggage tag charm. But I still love it though. I would post pics but it's already wrapped back up and under the tree.

    Please give me any info about the scarves. Thank you!
    98238SculptedSigScarf168.jpg 98010SigKnitSkinnyScarf98.jpg
  2. I really love the first design (sculpted signature) in the parchment colour. It is so striking and wonderfully wintery looking. I really like the subtle charm of the Cs on that one...I find the other design a bit loud. I think that the parchment will also look beautiful against a camel, chocolate brown or black winter coat. My second choice would be the black in the same design. This would look really wonderful against charcoal grey. Good luck!
  3. Thanks biggestbaglover for your opinion! I know I'm lovin' the sculpted signature design. Not too "loud" but you could still tell it's coach. I just like the signature knit skinny because it's "skinny". Not as wide as the sculpted one. That's why I'm having a difficult time choosing.
  4. Hmmm, I like to match my scarf with what I'm wearing, what color is your jacket or winter purse? I like both scarves, so why not get both? :p
  5. I have the Tattersall scarf and two solid black and tan ones. I have the hat matching the second set of scarves you've shown.

    I love them. I don't fint them itchy and they do keep me warm, currently 26 degrees outside. I haven't seen either of the scarves you mention above in an outlet, but they do have the solid scarves.
  6. ITA !
  7. I vote the sculpted in parchment.

    I purchased the knit patchwork cashmere with PCE this time around. It is TDF soft and I absolutely ADORE it. My best Coach purchase ever, hands down.