Which Coach wallet/skinny/wristlet should I but?

  1. i have a hard time chooosing!!!! between the three of them?!!!!!!!

    Should I buy:

    1. http://www.coach.com/content/product.aspx?product_no=10004&category_id=240 In Magenta, Teal or Brown?

    2. http://www1.macys.com/catalog/product/index.ognc?ID=253868&CategoryID=25319 or this in gold?

    3. http://www.coach.com/content/product.aspx?product_no=9650&category_id=240 or this khaki/brown?

    So which one should I buy and why? What would your 2nd choice be? I love them all but I am kinda broke. :confused1:
  2. I think you should go with the 3rd choice because it does the same as a mini skinny but you can also fit your phone and a lip gloss. Also you can use it when you go out at night. My 2nd choice would be the mini skinny
  3. I'd go with the wristlet because you can use it to hold makeup/money in a larger bag, or just use it as a bag in itself when you only need to carry around some cash/CCs and a tube of lipgloss to run errands or go out.
  4. I concur. I have that wristlet and I love it for inside my bag instead of a wallet or just using it by itself. I do want to get a mini skinny to use inside my swing pack but if I had to get just one, I'd get the wristlet!