Which Coach Swingpack?

  1. Hi
    I have decided that I need a coach swingpack to take on my trip to Las Vegas. Please help me decide which one. Also, do other designers make this sort of messenger style bag?
    coach1.jpg coach2.jpg coach3.jpg
  2. There's a Coach section now, you might wanna post in there. But either way, I say the first one.
  3. I like the middle one.
  4. The very right one.
  5. I'd pick the first one.

    There are lots of messenger-style bags but perhaps not many in the size you want. What are the dimensions of the Coach bags you're considering?
  6. I heart my swingpack in cadet which is from Holiday 2003

    imo the patchwork is differetnw tih still being classy and practical or go for the orginal sigature kind

    also i have seen some department stores with other colors on sale so you may want to take a look
  7. i've got the middle one... and i love it. i think the one with the smaller prints looks a bit too 'busy'... and the one of the left is a bit too funky for me...
    the one in the middle also has a lot of small little details that makes it prettier, IMO