Which coach sunglasses do you adore ?

  1. Think of buying some sunglasses for spring/summer.

    do you have a favorite pair ? if so,which ones ?
  2. I only own one pair - Suzies in burgandy. I love them. They're big, but I don't feel like I'm wearing a pair of "bug eyes"! And I'm a sucker for the crystal detailing on the side . . .
  3. I have suzies in black and love them too! so cute. I also have the samantha in brown and love them as well. my two favorites!
  4. The Samantha is really cute and I have fallen in love with the Coach Vail sunglasses.
  5. I have Kendal in Tortoise. Love it!
  6. I'm wearing the Kendall in tortoise in my avatar. Love them!
  7. I have the Samanthas in both onyx and tortoise green and I really want a new pair.
  8. big Honkin' Ditto...I ADORE the Vail sunglasses...I cannot WAIT for them to come to the stores.

    I love big "shield" type sunglasses (I have a pair of Chanels that hubby calls my "goggles")

    My ONLY issue with most Coach sunglasses...my eyelashes hit the lenses...so I hope the Vails dont' fit like that.