Which Coach Style(s) to use as a Travel Tote?

  1. I'm a newbie to the Coach boards, although I have had quite the collection of Coach bags over the years (many of which I have recylced to new owners through the graces of eBay.) I'm actually carrying LV and Balenciaga these days, but I recently had to make a handful of airplane trips and foresee a few more in the next few months. I typically check my little rolling suitcase, but carry on a purse and a larger bag of some kind for books & magazines, ipod, shawl, healthy snacks, etc. -- things you want with you in the airport and on the plane, but that you can't fit into your purse. The one I'm carrying now is an icky fabric thing that is roomy, but is ripping. I've been noticing the bags that other women carry in airports and have seen some decent-looking Coach totes. Any recommendations? Anything to stay away from? Anything I might find at my friendly Outlet Store? Thanks so much for your advice!:yes:
  2. I use a Hamptons tote. I use it for when I go out for an over-night or sometimes when I bring my books to class. I got mine for a steal on eBay. I'd definitely recommend one.
  3. i use a boston bag, which you can find under the travel/business section of the coach site. it's perfect for carryons or weekend trips, i love mine!
  4. I love the Boston bag, I'm so jealous!

    It depends on what kind of material you like. A lot of people use Chelsea large totes, those are quite often at the outlets. There are also the Hamptons totes like were already mentioned. The Multifunction totes are good.

    I have an actual weekender in the black signature. You can find it in the travel section of the Coach website. I really like it.
  5. I'd take the large hamptons tote or the gallery tote with me. So far there hasn't been a need for me to but if the situation comes up and I don't want to take my Speedy 35 or 40, I'd take my zebra gallery tote probably.
  6. [​IMG]the gallery totes are awesome for that. so is this one, the big black on in the back. but, for the life of me i cannot remember the name of it!
  7. Soho pocket tote, I think.:smile:
  8. The Hamptons tote is nice for an overnight, etc... I took it as a carry-on on the airplane last week and wished it was slightly bigger... Then again, I do kind of a "bag inside of a bag" thing, since I don't want to check any of my babies in regular luggage... So the two bags in the tote took up oodles of space that could have been used differently...
  9. OMG i want your plum little wristlet and skinny mini!!! ILOVE THEM!! ANd you signature tote with the purple suede!!! I've been wanting that forever! I also love your lime green hamptons tote... i wanted the lilac one but they raised the price from $149 to $180!!! boo
  10. The Hamptons Business tote is an excellent carry-on. It's big enough to hold a ton of stuff, like big book, water bottle/travel mug, sweater, etc., plus it has a zip pocket along the whole back side so you can put your passport, tickets, etc in there to get at quickly. The bag closes with one of those jacket-style zippers so you can close it up for safety or keep it open for easy access. I LOVE mine.

    Also, the gallery tote is good if you don't want something as big as the Business tote. It fits perfectly under a plane seat and is wide so that it doesn't topple over.
  11. I use my book tote and it works well. It has a decently large zippered compartment and a larger zipper if you want the whole bag to be secure. It holds a lot. You can find them at the outlets pretty regularly.
  12. I've been using my Signature Stripe Large Tote, but there is one bigger in the same line called a Travel Tote.
  13. I use this tote, but I'm not sure if it is still available. Maybe at the outlets. It's great for travelling because it is huge and has a front pocket big enough to fit and hide a plan ticket (that way you don't have to search in the bag or your purse for it). It's also very comfortable to hold.

    Coach Travel Bag.JPG
  14. Thank you everyone, your help was wonderful! I would have loved to buy one of these...
    but the price tag was a little bit steep.

    Turns out today was lovely weather, so my 16-yo son and I drove up to the Fashion Outlets at Niagara Falls. He got to shop at his favorite places (Pac-Sun and Timberland) and I got to check out the Coach Outlet.

    I actually brought two bags in with me that I had purchased last Fall, had never used, and were still in their original tissue wrapping. A black pleated hobo purse and a white pleated wristlet. I didn't get my full purchase price returned to me, since I no longer had receipts, but it was easier than listing them on eBay, and what they gave me sure helped to subtract from my purchase total today!

    There wasn't as much as I was hoping for in totes, although they did have several Hamptons Leather Book Totes in black, white, blue, and camel (luggage?) And several of the Hampton Multi-Function Tote in similar colors -- including one in pebbled lime that really attractive!

    So, what did I select? Well, I found beautiful Hamptons Leather Book Tote in PEACOCK (marked down lower than all of the other colors,) and a matching ponytail scarf. There was a completely different bag on display elsewhere in the store with a similar scarf tied onto in the most delicious little bow, and so I asked if someone in the store could do the same for mine. One of their employees, a young guy who is their in-house display designer was on his way out of the store, but they got him to come over and tie the bow for me! Just in time. Is this cute or what?



    Of course I bought another treat or two, but you'll have to find the details on another thread.;)
  15. Wow! That is a gorgeous color! Congrats!!