Which COACH outlet has the best deals??

  1. Hi everyone! I am visiting New York this week, and I will be going to two different outlets: Woodbury Commons and The Crossing (in Pennsylvania). Someone told me the The Crossing mall has the best deals...is that true? Has anyone been to both of these?? Thanks!
  2. I really can't tell you exactly about the Coach stores but the Crossings is going to be a big waste of time if you are looking for high end designer items. Woodbury is the best and has all of the high end designers not only there but there are in the same area to bat!!! Look online for the store listings for both outlet centers there will be a lot of duplicates at both but Woodbury is the definite winner!!! Have fun shopping!!!
  3. Woodbury Commons is a much better shopping experience overall, but I prefer the Coach outlet at The Crossings.
  4. I haven't been to Crossings, but the outlet at Woodbury has pretty good deals.. it pays to go around holiday times tho because they take 30% of most of store during sales.
  5. Does the Woodbury Commons coach outlet carry a good selection of signature bags? I was thinking of visiting there next week. Is coach sold at any other outlet stores there? It is a 2-hour drive for me, so I thought I'd ask some questions prior to the trip. Thanks!
  6. Hi. if you go to the Coach Forum, there is a whole thread on Coach Outlets pinned to the top. Go to the last page and post your question about the best deals. Good luck!
  7. i usually go to the Vegas outlets, they have the best selections