Which Coach glasses do you wear or do you?

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  1. I promise I searched to see if this thread is out there and after 20 minutes, all I found was a few where glasses were randomly mentioned or an opinion (this glasses vs. those glasses)...so I apologize if this has been discussed but I was wondering do you own any Coach sunglasses and if so, which styles and do you like them?

    I own the Thompson in tortoise and they are my all time favorite glasses- I actually broke down and bought them in the FP store with a PCE. I also own the Peony in black that I got at the outlet, which I also like but not as much as the Thompsons. (I was even debating buying the Thompsons on Ebay and then giving mine to my mom or selling them) but don't know if I want to own 2 of the same pair.

    What about you?

    P.S. I had a stud from the Thompsons fall off and I had to pay $20 to send them for repair but they came back good as new (they can't waive the shipping charge at Coach since glasses are outsourced)
  2. I have Nina sunnies..had to search for them ...but got them for a steal on the bay over a year ago and I LOVE THEM and wear them everyday! i've even been thinking about finding another pair for when these see their last day!
  3. when i worked in missouri we sold them, but none fit my pumpkin head! seriously!
    now where i work we dont sell them, we are more exclusive to the private practice...but we have oakley, ect....
    i have plenty plenty more optical glasses though! 17 pairs to be exact! LOL :cool:
  4. OT:
    Wifeyb! 17 pairs of glasses! Oh my! I just got new glasses today..i've had the same ones for 6 years...my rx is just soooo ridiculous $$$! I wish I wasn't blind!
  5. Not me. I like nice bags, but give me cheap sunglasses. Fossil or Nine West. Nothing over $45/$50.
  6. oh sister!! LOL i work in optical, and sell glasses, so i get free pairs. i have most every color now! lol i dont wear metal ones, i like the chunky plastic ones! LOL
  7. :sunnies LMAO I have no choice but to wear chunky plastic :lolots:
  8. haha! are you like a -8.00 or something blindy?! ive helped your kind before...
    ((and did you see that you won the amethyst garcia that i was trying to buy too! LOL shes a beauty! and im glad she went to a good fellow tpf home with you!))
  9. I understand that, I had to get progressive noline bifocals , my rx was bad enough on it's own, the add bifocals to it, getting old sucks.

    I wear contacts though and I have two pairs of Coach sunnies, my burgandy peony, that I wear most of the time, I really dont wear the second pair, not as comfortable to me, they are Savannah in burgandy too.
  10. I have a pair of Coach sunglasses (not sure of the exact style name off the top of my head), but I haven't gotten my prescription put in them yet so I mainly wear my Chanel sunglasses. I got them last summer during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I need to get a prescription in them in the near future so I can wear them more.

  11. I do not have Sunnies because I wear transition eyeglass but they are Coach and are the best eye glasses I have ever had... Which is a lot to say because I have been wear eyeglass for 25 years..
  12. I can't get my -5.75 in anything that looks good on me, and that's even after reduction! I've tried some of their non-sunnies but still no go. I have to wear them 24/7 so my only option for sunglasses is either to get clip on's (which I have for my Calvin Klein's I use now...) for sun protection, or I have to find a pair that can get my prescription in it AND still looks good afterwords.
  13. I can't get Coach glasses because I have such a high prescription and well, I am a little vain so I stick with contact lens (also the weight of glasses usually bothers my nose).

    However, I do own one pair of Coach sunnies. They are black Georgette style. I can only wear them on short trips though. I can't wear when I play golf because they are too heavy and weigh down my little button nose. My friend has some tortoise Addison's (I think that is what they are) and I really want those so maybe some day.....
  14. I WISH I had Coach sunnies, but it was going to be too expensive in the long run IMO. I lucked out and got a super CUTE and stylish pair of Elizabeth Arden RX sunnies at Lens Crafters for $89.95 OUT THE DOOR!!! I wouldn't wear anything dorky, so rest assured they are cute!!!

    I do need to get new re. glasses, and just found out about 2 months ago that Vision 4 Less carries Coach frames, so if I can find a pair that will hold my RX (I'm kinda in same position as Bunny) I plan on having Coach eyewear soon!!!