Which Coach GIGI Do you like the best? PLEASE VOTE!

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PLEASE VOTE! Which Coach Gigi do you like the best for summer?

  1. Gigi Tan Tote

  2. Gigi Patent Turquoise Tote

  3. Gigi Signature w/White Trim

  4. Gigi Spectator Tote

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi All!
    My name is Alison and I'm new here. I'm a handbag nut so this is where I belong, correct?;)FYI, I'm a stay at home mom of 2 boys. Keep that in mind when choosing. Which Coach GIGI do you like the best?
    THANKS all! Can't wait to explore this board and make new friends!
    #1) Coach Tan Gigi
    #2) Gigi Patent Tote in Turquoise
    #) Gigi Signature Tote in White Trim
    #4) Gigi Spectator Tote
  2. Welcome! I love the Gigi - I will have one one day. :love: Between these I like the tan or the spectator - I think this bag looks best in leather.
  3. I would choose the tan leather also. I prefer leather over signature in general. Welcome to tPf!!
  4. Welcome!!! I voted for the spectator because I think the contrasting colors set the features of this gorgeous bag off nicely! Although, with two boys the white color might not be the best... just tell them hands off! hehe
  5. I love the Spectator, but white leather scares me - I wear jeans a lot! I picked the Turq patent - it's gorgeous!!
  6. Keep the votes coming! THANKS all! True about the white getting dirty...
    I'm leaning towards the turquoise...OR an LV handbag.Sorry Coach lovers. I have another poll going between the 2. VOTE On that as well!:smile:
  7. I voted for the tan Gigi... I think thats a really "neutral" color to go with and I think it looks the best... JMO
  8. I have the Gigi in Whiskey, Patent turquoise and walnut. I love this bag! I think it is awesome in black too. The patent turquoise was at first beyond my comfort zone as far as color, but I have grown to love it. I don't worry about it in the rain. I wipe off any spills. I think I will have this bag for a long time looking nice.
  9. Welcome to tPF! You'll love it here!

    I like the first one the best. I prefer leather over signature and think the first one is a classic and less trendy than the others.

    I purchased the Gigi in clay last year but returned it, and I've been basically kicking myself ever since!!!
  10. I love the tan! I had this bag in black, but sold it because it was too big/heavy for me. It is absolutely gorgeous though!
  11. I voted for the patent turquoise gigi for ease of use, just wipe clean and never needs leather conditioning cream. Also it's beautiful. I extend my sincere welcome! You're going to love it here.
  12. I think I like the tan the best but I agree the spectator really shows the features of this bag but the white leather would also scare me.
  13. Welcome!

    I voted for the turquoise because I think it is so fun and the color is gorgeous! It is obviously less practical though (color-wise). So my second choice would be the tan because it is a neutral color, my third choice would be the spectator (white scares me! lol!). Personally, I am not a fan of the signature gigis.

    Good luck making your decision!
  14. Oh I love the Gigi! Unfortunately I could never use her because I'm so short! I'm only 5'1" haha.
  15. I voted for the tan...I don't care for this bag in signature and I don't really care for the two-toned leather. The tan is gorgeous!!