Which Coach for me? Your opinions please.

  1. I'm confused, and the more I see, the more confused I become.
    Seeing as though you ladies seem to know anything and everything about each style, and the fact that I can't just wander into a store and 'try them on', which style do you suggest?
    Here's what I need (come on, I'm a Mum, I do 'need' to be a little practical!):rolleyes:
    • Black
    • Signature fabric - love all the "C's" (and my name is Carly!)
    • For practicality I'm leaning towards over an over the shoulder style - need to keep at least one hand free to catch a 2 year old!
    • Needs to err on the larger side. Needs to be able to fit all of my things (wallet, diaary, phone etc) as well as wipes, bribery toys/food, nappy (diaper) & drink container.
    All of these things are negotiable depending on how gorgeous the end bag is. :yes:
    I'm currently leaning towards...
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    LOL! Can you tell my motto in life is
    "best to have too much than not enough!" :p
  2. Can anyone else see the pics?
  3. Can't see the pics. But I'd recommend a black signature Carly!
  4. I clicked on the boxes and the styles do come up but they are;
  5. Go for the Carly Signature in the large size..
  6. I agree on the Signature Carly. I have a demi on its way to me sometime this week. Can't wait :0)
  7. black sig carly!
  8. Go for the black signature Carly.
    That bag is really big and can hold all your stuff.
    Good Luck!
  9. I'm also a mom (2 young boys). I tried on the lg carly & it was a fantastic fit! Really comfortable on the shoulder & I think perfect for moms. Do you have any type of purse organizer (purseket, etc.)? I'm thinking the only downside of the lg carly is that it is so deep, it might be hard to find things (in my case, thomas trains), thus the need for an organizer. Remember, the macy's F&F sale is coming up so that could save you 20%!
  10. I would go for the Large Carly. I am a mom of two (almost 4yr old, and 21 month) and I love my Carly. I hate carrying two bags so this one definetley does double duty AND looks hot! I would stay away with anything with two handles because those don't typically stay on the shoulder very well - one handle always slips off. Plus the Carly you can get over your shoulder without using your other hand - ie while carrying a screaming child out of a restaurant! The interior side pocket is huge and I can keep diapers and wipes in there so they aren't sloshing inside the main compartment. It really is the perfect bag for my needs.
  11. Deff the Carly!!!
  12. Yes, I agree, the Large Black Carly!!!!!
  13. Carly!! Your name is carly? You have to get your bag namesake!
  14. Of the ones you are considering, I'd pick the black Signature Carly. Otherwise, have you considered a Signature Ergo Tote?

  15. I was at the store the other day and tried on a bunch of totes with all my stuff and my son's stuff (he's 3) to see what would work best.

    The large Carly is definitely big enough, and because it's so slouchy it doesn't look big when it's on. I loved it.

    Another good one is the Ergo tote that Mokoni suggested, but you'd definitely want to think about getting the large. It's huge, holds everything, and is easy to get on the shoulder with one hand.

    My absolute favourite, though, is the black signature Mandy courier, if money isn't an object for you. As you can see from my signature, I have one and absolutely love it. It's really big, plus has big outside pockets. Because it's signature, it's not too heavy and the strap is wide so that it's REALLY comfortable on my shoulder. The drop is perfect so I can get it on my shoulder with one hand. Also, another big plus is that it has D-rings on either end so you can attach a longer strap to it if you need to carry it cross-body. I've done that and it looks great. You can find them on eBay or just switch a strap from a Coach messenger bag. Oh, one last great thing about the Mandy is you can put it across the handles of a stroller and carry it that way.

    Anyway, whatever you decide, let us know! My purse obsession started right after I had my son and went on a hunt for the perfect diaper bag.