Which Coach Charm to get??

  1. I recently got this J coach charm and I am trying to decide between these two colors for the S charm what one do you guys like better the pink/green or the blue?? this will go on my new carly khaki/chocolate

    [​IMG] The J CHARM I GOT



  2. I prefer the blue, especially with the J (if you are going to put them together onto one purse). Congrats!
  3. I think I like the pink just a little better with your J. Cute charm btw!
  4. Yeah I was thinking about the blue one 2!
  5. Blue for me too:tup:
  6. or maybe I will get this charm to go with the J instead...

  7. I think the blue will "pop" more against your bag.
  8. does anyone know what style # that cute little heart charm is??