Which Coach boots should I get?

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  1. Hi everyone!! I need some help here... Last wk I went into a Coach store and saw these winter boots and love love love it! :love: They are kind of funky but I love funky stuff. I'm planning to buy one but am having trouble choosing the color. I love the brown one because they are really cute with denim but they are a bit too flashy. The black one is nice and not as flashy. What do you all think? :wacko:

    Here is the link to the boots. Sorry but I can't seem to paste the picture here.

  2. hmm. the link isn't working ..
  3. The link didn't work.. try it again!
  4. "Jessica"; "Maryann" looks like it'll be out in a month or so. Too trendy. Def "Jessica".
  5. Damn, Coach took off the listing for the boots I wanted! That means they're probably not selling them anymore online. Ahhhh... I must get to the mall asap then. lol Thanks to everyone who tried to comment on this thread. =P
  6. Good luck! Hope you get those boots u like!
  7. I like the Jessica boots better. Personally, the Karita boots are cuter than the Maryann boots.
  8. So I went to the Coach store today and found my boots! They only got a few pairs left. The brown one was pretty cute until you put them on and then it's ughhhh. It just didn't look right on me at all! So I ended up going home with the black one instead. :love: Hee hee...

    Sorry guys... it wasn't the Jessica, Maryann, or the Karita. Nice try... :P Those are too expensive for a pair of boots that I'll only wear for a season. I bought mine for only $220. :lol: