Which COACH bag would you NEVER part with??

  1. You know how they say that everyone has a price?

    Which COACH item (bag, wristlet, charm) in your collection would you never part with no matter what?

    Let's keep this within reason so let's say up to $1000? If someone offered us a million dollars, that would be a little unrealistic.

    If someone came up to you on the street and offered you $1000 cash in your hand and you knew there was NO WAY you could EVER get that bag again, NO eBay, NO JAX, which bag would you never sell IF ANY and WHY?

    For me, it's my denim '07 satchel, I've only owned it one day and I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have it, lol. This bag makes me so:girlsigh:.... happy! :yahoo:
  2. I LOVE my Bleecker Large Flap bags (one in khaki/coal and the other in rust) so much. I realize they aren't as popular as the Ergos or the Legacy bags, but while I love the Legacy bags the drop just isn't quite perfect. The Large Bleecker Flap bag is absolutely perfect for me!
  3. I agree with the large bleecker flap. I own it in bottle green and I have to say it is my very favorite Coach bag. I have been using it almost every day and get tons of compliments! Plus, it holds everything neatly and it is really easy to get in and out of. The strap drop is perfect. My next bag will probably be the buckskin color for Spring...LOVE!
  4. I LOVE my Andrea. She is timeless. :love: The hardware is HOT - it is an eye catching bag and although a little heavy....worth her weight in gold. She can carry anything I give her and looks great even when not filled to the top. Luv her and would never sell her. All the rest (well, except maybe my new parchement ergo) I can sell or trade and not really be stressed about it.
    COACH c  024.jpg
  5. I would have to say my Pink Scarf Tote from a few years ago. I feel in love with her immediately after seeing her in the catalog. I have kept her in pristine condition as she mainly sleeps in her dust bag tucked away in my armoire. I wore her into the boutique last summer and the SA asked me where I found her since they had been sold out for quite some time. I laughed and told her how I picked her up when they first came out. She was shocked at how new she still looked. Every time I take her out I get compliments. Above all I love how she doesn't scream the Coach logo. Most people that speak with me about her are suprised it is even a Coach bag.

    Just yesterday DH and I were talking about how I should sell all the bags that I don't wear. Immediately he stopped himself and said "Well all except for that Pink one. I know you love that one."
  6. One bag that I have that is just TOO practical and convenient to give up would be my signature chelsea satchel in black/gray... I use it for work almost everyday... I wasn't too sure about the latch on the top of the bag, but I have grown to love it since its so easy to access everything! Love this bag! :love:
  7. Sorry, I would sell sell sell!!!! :roflmfao: But that is also because I only have a White Ali, a Large Khaki/Black Carly, and a Medium Duffle. I could rebuy the Carly and the other 2 I could always find again on eBay for way less!!!! :p But then again, I need the money too!!!!! :nuts:
  8. My newest addition. The Hamptons Vintage Large Carryall 11086 in blue. I've never met a blue leather I've loved and this one I'm obsessed with.:heart:

    I already paid $798 plus tax sooo $1,000 would not even be close to enough to get me to give her up.

  9. That is so hard..... I honestly don't think I could give up ANY of my bags.... they all have some sort of sentimental value to me....

    yay I know I'm strange...
  10. None of my coach cost 1000.00 so I would probably sell! Now, my Chanel, BV, LV or Balenciaga...that's another story.
  11. well if your strange candac, count me in as well! ;) Cuz I :heart: all my COACH bags too and it would be hard giving any of them up!! :love:
  12. Well....since I only own the Legacy shoulder flap at the moment...I would DEFINITELY SELL HER! LOL..I could actually build a collection with $1000!!! LOL :lol:
  13. Right now.. it would have to be my Studded gallery tote!!

    It's just SO comfortable! Roomy! and Super cute!!

    I've gotten so many compliments on it!!
  14. I would have to say of all my bags, I cherish my Legacy shoulder bag in khaki/black the most! :smile:
  15. I agree with you on the gallery tote - I wouldn't sell my patent leather mahogany gallery tote - I get compliments every day on this bag! Even though I got it at a steal - ($210 - my bleeker wallet cost me more! haha) I still wouldn't sell it for a thousand bucks. A million, sure, but not a thousand :smile: