Which Coach bag would you keep?

  1. I purchased too many bags during the PCE and I need to return at least two. They have been sitting in my closet and I have not used them. That is a clear sign that they should be returned. Of course, I can't decide! :p Would you please help me out a bit - which ones would you keep?

    Turquoise Leather Large Ergo Market Tote
    Vachetta Leather Large Ergo Hobo
    Vachetta Leather Large Market Tote
    Magazine Tote in Mahogany
    Denim Slim Flap
    Brown Ali
  2. Well, you definitely don't need two large market totes...I would return one of them. Which color do you like best or would use more? Keep that one. Second bag to return...hmmm.....maybe the magazine tote. This way you have different sized bags for different uses. So, I would KEEP 1 large market tote, the ergo hobo, slim flap and the ali.
  3. Keep:
    Turquoise Leather Large Ergo Market Tote: then you have a turquoise piece
    Vachetta Leather Large Ergo Hobo: vachetta is beautiful! (I have this one!)
    Denim Slim Flap: nice smaller size purse and cute for summer
    Brown Ali: very difficult to find and gorgeous! (I have this one too!)

    Vachetta Leather Large Market Tote: you'd have the vachetta hobo so don't need this in vachetta
    Magazine Tote in Mahogany: and with the turquoise tote you don't need this

    Hope that helps!
  4. I vote that you keep the turquoise ergo, the brown ali and the denim slim flap. They will each serve different purposes. I really love my vachetta ergo hobo and tote but the turquoise is gorgeous, and you don't need two of a similar bag. Does that help?
  5. I would keep the brown Ali and the Vachetta hobo.
  6. I guess it depends on what other bags you have in your wardrobe. Personally, I have the vachetta ergo tote and I adore it. I love the color of the leather, and it's just getting better with age. So I would definitely keep one of the vachetta pieces. Which one do you like better? The tote or the hobo?

    I also love the turquoise color, and Coach doesn't seem to do bright ones like that very often, so if you really like the turquoise I'd keep that. (though I wouldn't keep that and the vachetta tote, so if you want to keep a vachetta you should probably go for the hobo then.)

    I'd also keep the Ali. She's a great style.

    I'd get rid of the magazine tote, denim slim flap, and one of the vachettas.
  7. Turquoise Leather Large Ergo Market Tote---keep
    Vachetta Leather Large Ergo Hobo---keep
    Vachetta Leather Large Market Tote---return
    Magazine Tote in Mahogany---return
    Denim Slim Flap---return
    Brown Ali---keep