Which Coach bag turns most heads/get most compliments on

  1. Everyone, let's post our compliments on Coach bags. Me first, one time I was standing in line at Babies r' Us to pay for some items, the cashier saw my mini signature bag and matching wallet, she told me my beautiful bag/wallet was distracting her. :yahoo:Here's a pic.....

  2. I get compliments on my Coach all of the time. Today I got a compliment on my Daisy shades.
  3. I get compliments all the time on my Medium Brown Signature Carly.

  4. I have a beautiful Coach that I always get compliments on, although a few weeks ago someone told me that my bag was "Nice, for a Coach." I've never been simultaneously complimented AND insulted, and I was speechless(rare for me, but I an dumbfounded by rudeness). I laugh about it now, but wow, she's lucky she didn't get smacked in the head with my "nice for a coach" bag. I'll try to post pics tomorrow.
  5. I get complimented on my black leather Carly, khaki/saddle Carly, and signature Ali...here are pics
    Ali2.jpg IMG_1111.jpg0001.JPG
  6. I love your bags, great modeling pic and cute daughter in the background. :tup:
  7. i get compliments on my legacy pond shoulder bag...
    oh and also my optic green ladybug hobo, too
  8. I get compliments on my black signature stripe tote sometimes. I also wore my Carly when I went to see my teacher once... she made a comment on it, but I don't think it was a compliment. I think it was more of a criticism lol.
  9. I get compliments on my b&w sig Chelsea satchel and black leather Ali. I also have a coach-obsessed friend (yay!) and she and her dd both love my b&w sig single strap tote...yeah baby!!

  10. i cna only assume whoever said this to u is rude and really jealous!

    i get mroe compliments on my sig wallet then my bags. or i get a lot of is that real?
  11. I get compliments on my khaki sig wristlet and my Legacy Shoulder bag. But recently I went shopping with my Mom for my Coach bday gift--lg khaki/saddle Carly!!!----and when she saw it she kind of made a face and said,"that's it???" LOLOL!! I love Carly! And I'm sure I'll get some compliments when I get her!:yahoo:
  12. When I use my Large pear leather hobo I get alot of compliments on the color. Then they ask what kind it is. (alot of people are not aware that COACH makes pretty leather and not just signature).

    I am using my new baby Signature Stripe tote in denim (my 1st signature bag) and getting lots of compliments on it! Even with my biggest critic (my mom)!!!!
    Pear Set 1.JPG Denim Stripe Set.JPG
  13. I am CONSTANTLY getting compliments on ALL of my Coach bags...Dont laugh....but I have literally had girls at my gym buy bags off my back!!!!! I'm NOT kidding!!!! Right now I am faithfully using my signature stripe denim tote to shop w/ and ALWAYS getting compliments on her!!! I think the MOST compliments I have ever gotten on a bag though was on my khaki/camel hobo style #10535 (and to think....MY HUSBAND PICKED THAT ONE OUT BY HIMSELF AS A GIFT for me!!!!!!) LOLOLOLOLOL...I think it's b/c it has the big bold brass clip on the front though that everyone seems to stare at!!!! LOLOL.... Whenever I see a pretty Coach bag I am sure to compliment as well!!!!! I seem to seek them out now!!!! LOLOL
  14. Besides at the Coach store, the only bag that I can recall getting compliments on is my demi patchwork from last summer.

    My PT therapist complimented it and how clean it was for being a year old!

    I got a compliment on it from a cashier at Staples last winter. Unfortunately, though she also asked me if I got it at a purse party. :wtf:
  15. It surprises me i've gotten numerous compliments on my Coach Wedge shoes. I guess people notice shoes more often than I thought :graucho: