which coach bag gets the most attention?

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  1. Just curious, which bag of yours gets the most compliments and/or stares? I would say that my whiskey legacy leigh and my white Lyndsey satchel are attention grabbers (and my heritage stripe diaper bag when I am at kids related stores)...
  2. My berry zoe that I just got will end up getting a lot of attention... Also my ergo pleated satchel in navy patent and my teal sabrina get a ton of attention!
  3. believe it or not my black leather large sabrina with brass hardware has actually received the most compliments. i have the teal sabrina too but it is the black one that seems to be a crowd pleaser!
  4. I had never gotten a compliment on any bag until I got the woven zoe and then today I was carrying my amethyst legacy leather zip satchel and was stopped. I'm not used to it so it catches me off guard LOL
  5. My in laid op sabrina always gets compliments!
  6. red peyton :O)
  7. Probably my Navy/white Sabrina Ikat.
  8. My brown siggy ergo pleated satchel always gets compliments. I take it into my Coach store and the SAs always say that people are still asking for that bag and they have to tell them they don't sell that style anymore. I had it loosely hanging in the crook of my elbow while I was looking at another bag and another customer asked where I found it in the store. Now I have to remind myself not to set it down or I may turn around and someone might have it up at the register trying to pay for it. :amuse: Hasn't happened yet but I'm not taking any chances.
  9. Either of my Gigis always garner a compliment, as well as my natural Mandy and british tan Felicia (something about the saddle colored leather is an attention getter).
  10. I have no idea which of my bags gets the most attention, I'm totally oblivious to that sort of thing. I'm always noticing any other Coach though, and trying not to send scathing looks at the fakes, lol

    I've gotten compliments on my magenta pleated ergo wristlet though, if that's counts.
  11. Parchment Julianne hands down for me. She gets a compliment everywhere she goes :amuse:
  12. Are we allow to list non-Coach's bags? LV watercolor Speedy

    Sabrina, grey Lindsay, Python Lyndsay,
  13. My one and only sig. Madeline in blue/khaki b/c people can tell it is coach. People around me don't appreciate a great leather bag.
  14. My large Orchid Zoe! I had a lady offer to buy it off of me right then and there at a restaurant!
  15. my bleecker haversack tends to get noticed alot