which coach bag do you like better and why please...

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  1. Just saw the same two bags at my TJM and I vote for the leather. I like the leather better because it is classic and I think would get more wear out of it. I didn't care for the bumble bee, it was smaller and that bee looked 'juvenille' to me.

    Both were $149 in case anyone is wondering.
  2. I like the leather one better, because it is classic and seems to be a bit larger. The optic bumble bee one is cute, but I would get bored of it after a while.
  3. I like the leather one too. It looks very classic and something that i could wear with everything.
  4. I think both are cute, but the white leather is really a classic. Very nice!
  5. I like the one without the bee better....much more classy!
  6. leather...leather is a class and you can use it forever, unlike that bumblebee mess that dates itself.
  7. I think I'll go for the bumble bee because the fact that the leather looks so ordinary, I'm afraid that people might think that it's fake. You ladies know there are too many out there. Watch out! The logo canvas of the bumble bee one shows that the bag is authentic. But still, in my opinion, I won't get either one of them. It seems like you like a white handbag, go for the white signature beaded tote. That one is a big pricer, $398, but is worth it.
  8. the leather to me is too plain, so i'd go with the bee. its cute

  9. I agree with the bee, its just so cute and has a bit more "personality" without having to be so overlydone (ie Dooney "it", hearts, bees, or doodle bag)
  10. Leather, I think it will wear longer. The bee is cute, but I like the ladybug they had better.
  11. i vote for the bee!!!!! that bag has more style and personality!!!
    it appears to be a more "special" bag and you probably wouldn't wear it everyday anyway...it's darling....the leather is nice but doesnt have that special fun quality!!!
  12. Leather!,the bee is too young IMO
  13. 2
  14. I also vote for the bee! One because I have it and two because it is such a fun little bag to carry on bright and sunny days during spring and summer.