Which COACH bag are you carrying today?


So many handbags so little money
Aug 25, 2007
I love your straw basket bags! Please post them in the thread at the link below to share them with other lovers of summertime bags!
Hi Katev,
Per your request the picture has been posted in the above mentioned thread.
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Apr 30, 2014
Havana Daydreamin'
I love how you pair your nail color to your bag! If I were more industrious I would do it. I do my own nails about once a week and I am too lazy to change more often. I do try to use a bag that goes with my nails the first day or two when I use a bright color. Of course I am using brighter colors now during the pandemic while I'm at home with no where to go. :biggrin: I'm more of a nude nail color gal, but I've recently discovered a pretty orange. Lol!
@baglady39 had/has? and amazing collection! :love: I remember finding one at the outlet all those years ago, but decided not to get it. A decision I regret.
Which orange nail color are you liking? It is always fun when it works out that your nails match your bags. Lol


Feb 21, 2012
Yes, it's the little things that help us get through the day. :hugs:
It really is...I’m enjoying my school year but admittedly I’m quite tired. We were talking about how the fun events, like Big Buddies, cultural events, school assembles, and Sports Day have all been cancelled. Those kind of activities are bonding and I miss them. I feel sad the children are missing out, although my grade wouldn’t even know about those kinds of things. They will hopefully have many opportunities in the future.

In the meantime, I’m having fun carrying a pretty bag every day. I still like planning the SLGs I’m going to use.