Which COACH bag are you carrying today?

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  1. My Borough. Oh how I miss this style!
  2. Carried my mercer beechwood colorblock today.

    I got this fp delete for a steal at the outlet ($118 due to an honored mislabeling I had to fight for) regular version 37728 no F mark though I see some have it online.

    I wasn't crazy about it at first and thought I might not use it but it was love at first carry! It's super light the leather is supple and I really am loving this color! I never really use the top handles so far.


    20190111_185315-1024x576.jpg 20190111_185244-1024x576.jpg
  3. I love this Borough! She is so gorgeous. I have the tan soft nappa Borough and DD has “borrowed” my small black turn lock Borough. These are beautiful, well-made handbags and among my forever keepers.
  4. A few days behind, but I carried my lovely dark denim Rogue this week with a tearose hangtag (gift from my SA). I so enjoyed carrying this handbag. It’s very substantial and a head-turner (my head anyways —“is that really my bag?!”)

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  5. I have the tan (earth) also. I regret selling a couple others. I have several smaller ones that I use in the summer.
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  6. I really like the combination of leathers in your Borough. I look forward to seeing your summer Borough styles!
  7. I’ve been wearing for about a week now! Hunter Green Willis bag. :smile:
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  8. love that color!
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  9. Beautiful color! And I love the scarf! I’ve been ... eyeing that one
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  11. Great color!
  12. Love that color and bag!
  13. My fav Caroline
  14. Looks nicely broken in!
  15. Elvis brought me.to Coach lovely to.see.fellow Elvis lovers
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