Which COACH bag are you carrying today?

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  1. Thank you! I love this crazy charm SO much, worth the cost ... when on sale of course
  2. I wanted this charm when it first came out but never got it as it was too much at full price. What is that horn-like part on the very left in your photo? What is that made out of? Looks like a giant bugle chip!
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  3. Carried my new little metallic crossbody today. It's my husband's birthday so he wanted to go shooting at a gun range. So we did. And so I had to take these shots lol
    ETA: Oops I made a pun and didn't mean to:biggrin:

    Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 10.28.55 PM.png

    And with the target man! :wave: :lol:

    Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 10.29.24 PM.png
  4. The blue color is so nice!
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  5. Thank you so much, LaVisioneer. :smile:
  6. Aaaaahahahahaha omg I used to love bugle chips! You haven’t lived until you put them on every finger so you were a long pointy finger creature

    It has a metal top and it looks like painted resin. It looks like a Viking horn. My BF said this charm is my talisman, and I told him to look out because I use it for spells lol

  7. That is the cutest/funniest thing — I need to buy a bag of bugle chips and try this creature on my DH/DD, lol.
  8. Oh yeah don't forget putting one at the tip of your tongue for an extra effect!
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  10. Hi Katev! Thanks for the mention. I rarely visit TPF anymore ......I'm in that phase of my life where I'm trying to downsize in preparation for retirement and TPF is BAD for my handbag addiction, so I try to stay away! I just came looking for something on the LV subforum and noticed I had an "alert" so I thought I was in trouble or something (I am not familiar w/ the newest TPF layout/functions at all), but then I just saw it was you referencing my user name. By the way, your purse looks adorable, all dressed up for winter. Take Care!
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  11. It kind of creeps me out along with the hairy thing on it!
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  12. Lol I like weird creepy things
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  13. I tried maybe a year or 2 ago and sadly the bugles didn’t fit too well like they did when I was 8 BUT still delicious!
  14. Omg haha Bugles were fun
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  15. Tattoo dreamer