Which COACH bag are you carrying today?

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  1. putting signature pleated ergo away after carrying it all week...love that bag!

    tommorrow, to match my outfit on a girls day with my daughter..shopping and manicures: jade hailey

  2. What a beauty, gotta get mine out of hiding. Thanks for posting **rushes to closet**
  3. Mauve Sage -:love::love::love::cloud9: Sage. The perfect bag for me.

  4. Cherry Maggie
    Cherry Maggie.jpg
  5. :love:
  6. OMG, that is the Westfield exclusive! So so stunning, and even in red. How did you get her?
  7. Oh no - did you get one too last trip? Pics!
  8. Really, how interesting. This was a limited edition about 2 years ago, came in blue, green, grey, and brown. I guess she came out of retirement lol

  9. ZOE large patent plum. Perfect for rainy day and holds my folding umbrella.
  10. Today: Metallic Python Caroline
    Tomorrow: Poppy Push Lock Tote in Sunflower to match my outfit
  11. Not sure the style name but it's my pink leather satchel from 2004. Maybe from the hamptons line.
  12. Beautiful color. Enjoy your girls day!:biggrin:
  13. What color do you have it in?!?!
  14. What is the Westifeld exclusive?! I bought this bag on eBay a few months ago.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.