Which Coach Agenda to choose?

  1. Which agenda, the pink signature or the khaki mini signature?
    khaki planner.jpg pink planner.jpg
  2. mini sig...personally not a fan of the pink sig
  3. Khaki Mini Sig...did you get it at the Outlet? I saw that one at the San Marcos Outlet this past week!! :smile:
  4. Get the mini signature. It is more timeless and classic.
  5. I personally think the pink is cuter but the mini sig is more classic and will go with more.
  6. tough choice. not a huge fan of the mini sig or the pink, but i think i like the pink a tad more. i don't like bright colored bags, so i think having a bright agenda would be fun.
  7. pink!
  8. I like the pink more! It'll stand out more in your purse so you can find it easily.
  9. I like the pink!!!
  10. Pink.
  11. PINK!!!
  12. I like the pink, but I would go with the brown it goes with more bags.
  13. oh, i think the pink is fun!
  14. Pink all the way :biggrin:
  15. I would go with the brown.