Which Clutch would you choose and why?

  1. I don't have a clutch and really would like to get one except there isn't many that I find appealing. These are the final two. The Kooba Mackenzie that comes in Bourbon, black or python shades or the Botkier Bella that comes in Ivory, Black, and I have seen dusty gold and dusty pink. I already have the Botkier Bianca and the Kooba Jessie which are the handbag counterparts to these clutches.
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  2. I prefer #2 (Kooba) but in a different color than shown...I like "ebano" on elux and I think black is the most useful
  3. Kooba hands down.
  4. The Kooba seems more proportioned and has nicer leather.
  5. mackenzie :yes:
  6. I would choose the Botkier, because it seems more versatile. I think you could dress it up or down easier than the Kooba.
  7. Kooba, nicer leather and is very versatile.
  8. I vote for the Botkier since one is usually dressed up a bit more when carrying a clutch, and also think this bag could be dressed down...
    Love the Kooba as well! Now- since they are the only two clutches you have come across that you love and they are so different...could you get both?
    (bad influence) :P
  9. Well Betnyp...you do bring up a very good point. One I will use to explain my purchases to my husband...LOL He doesn't much care but he is of the type who's idea is that you only can carry one at any given time so why so many.

    The Mack and Bella are so different, it would be the same as buying a pair of jeans and buying a pair of dress pants. You can't do with just one.