Which clutch wallets have the flip down lock from previous season?

  1. I know the new seasons do, the matte black (from the last season) and the zap green since I have one, but which color clutch wallets had the flip down lock?

    I'm being indecisive... I like the antique bronze from this season, but I don't love the lining. I like the lead, but it's not LOVE from the stock photos... I love anthracite, but it's got the old turnlock. I have a red one being exchanged because of the turnlock sticking to the hardware on the flap. So... I dunno. Which one would you pick for me??

    lol I asked one question, and it turned into another one.
  2. LOL!

    I don't know which had the flip down lock (other than those that you already mentioned). I do have to say though that I wouldn't judge by HH's stock photos, especially on the lead. You may not like it, but when I received mine I loved it so much I put it on my list of things that I want a backup of. I never like anything based on HH's stock photos but when I see pics from other Hotties or I receive an item myself, I always fall in love with it. I'd vote for the lead (or the navy) if you are choosing from this season. :smile:
  3. I lucked out and got a new turnlock version of the VCP wallet. I def. recommend it if you can find one! I think (only) that wallet from FW09 and then everything afterward has the new turnlock. I'm not really digging any of the new wallet colors--they're nice but nothing I would be compelled to buy.
  4. fleur do u have IRL photos of the lead? i must not have seen the right photos since the IRL photos in the review threads haven't had me go googoo gaga.

    pae i had a VCP pomp and pilot, but for some reason i don't love it as much as ICP or TCP. do you think yours was a converted one? i know some had lock issues, so HH replaced the turnlocks with new flipdown ones.
  5. I didn't post any IRL photos but I can take some tonight (or I can wait til Saturday to have some daylight for you). I think the lead is a love/hate color. It may just be one that's not your cup of tea but I have a thing for all things shiny so that's why I love it. I'll get you some photos though, just may be a day or two depending on the light available!
  6. VCP, BB, MB, Taupe, Grape Shine, Black Shine, Black (flat), Ginger, ZAP, Olive and those are all I can think of at the moment.... lol
  7. OOOhhhh Taupe and Olive are on my wishlist! Forgot about those! :nuts:
  8. Eucalyptus had the flip down turnlock.

    Did Lagoon have the flip? I could see you with something bright like that Mib.
  9. Lagoon had 2 different turnlocks.

    Lagoon Geo Interior (not fold down)
    Lagoon Gingko had both kinds of turnlocks. It really depends on when it was purchased.
  10. W/ the VCP I think they made a 2nd batch that had the turndown lock. I don't think mine was converted. I need to switch back to it--I've been using my Brandy Kira for the last year and I don't even really like it that much.
  11. thanks fleur! maybe your pics will push me over to buy one. lol i love metallics. too bad i don't love the lining in the bronze. :/

    bri does BB stand for Blueberry?? ooh, i'd LOVE that, but i have never seen a blueberry clutch wallet. i've had a blueberry lorca with the flip down turnlock.

    MB, I think the lagoon would be pretty, but i don't think it's sturdy enough?? it seems to scratch and stain easily.
  12. Yes, lol. I remember the BB clutch wallet for some reason... And I think that it was out the same time as the Sonia that had the same turn down lock and the Lorca, too. :smile: I totally forgot about EUC! Yes, that had one, too!

    The later Ginger had a turn down lock. :smile:
  13. I don't ever remember a lagoon with a turn down lock. I am sure that I would have bought that, lol. LOVE that color SOSOSOOS much. :biggrin:
  14. You could always get an old cool color, break the lock, and send it in for a repair with the new HH lock? I have seen some great deals on the old wallets. It would be worth it if you find a cheap one and only have to pay a few$$ to get HH to give you a new one.