Which clutch? (Egee or Medor)

  1. Hi, I am always crazy for clutch... After buying a jige (black swift), I would like to get another one... I am thinking of egee or medor... Which one is better and any owner can say something about these two models? Thanks alot
  2. Both are great
    I would go for egee
    I just find medor opening cumbersome
    even to take hp
  3. Thanks alot!
  4. Definitely medor for me.
  5. They are both great! But as you already have a Jige which is casual, I'd go for Egee. Timeless and great for evening.
  6. I love the Medor hardware so my vote is for Medor. However in my search for a Medor I found the Egee is much easier to come by.
  7. id vote for medor also because i dont get the hardware for egee..
  8. Medor! I feel the hardware for egee is not so well made.
  9. Medor hands down! Edgy and special
  10. I personally love egg... simple design.. classic.. but it meant to use at event.. Medor can go for a casual day...:smile:.
  11. Another vote for Medor. The hardware is much more edgy and cool. Egee to me personally is a bit plain...
  12. another vote for Medor.......for me it is a timeless classic design :heart:
  13. Medor. It's my favorite clutch. The hardware is special and fun but it does take getting used to.
  14. Another vote for Medor! Edgy, sexy, and classic.
  15. Medor.... on my long wish list...��