Which clutch did i buy? Reveal

  1. Daria clutch? :p:p
  2. No no good try though i could a got a different colour.
    I sold mine as im not a hand held clutch person due to scared of losing it.
  3. J.A.N did you see my Bays clutch reveal?
  4. I vaguely remember remind me again pls as i have a brain like a sieve ha ha ha
    Which one did you get?
  5. Hetty shoulder clutch maybe?
  6. No nice try its not a new model on M.com thats another clue.
  7. Damn, I'm seriously looking on M.com for the clutches that have clutch in the name :p nice study break haha :biggrin:
  8. :lolots::lolots::lolots:
    Keep trying;) read this thread again the clues are all here.
  9. Bayswater clutch, but which colour hmm, my guess was deer brown but seems a strange colour for a car haha :biggrin:
  10. The kids seem to have stolen my brain J.A.N. along with my money, my house....oh the list goes on and on!!:biggrin:
  11. Classic
  12. Yay thats what its called but i havent seen it in that colour as yet or a car for that matter.
    No its def not that colour as i have oak in my collection.
    This colour is very vibrant and different to any colour i have at present.
    I have a keyring in my collection that i think will match this as its virtually the same colour. Another clue.
    Another point its the older bayswater clutch larger version not the smaller thats why the confusion.
  13. Is it the Bayswater large shoulder bag/clutch with one shoulder strap? If so we are bag twins! :biggrin: Mine is in blueberry glazed goat leather. I wonder what colour yours is, I think they did a type of reddish/orange which was gorgeous? :thinking: I really wish Mulberry still produced this style, I was lucky and found mine on eBay last year in brand new condition from another TPF'r.