Which Clutch? Black Croc or Python

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Which One?

  1. Black Croc

  2. Python

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Which one???

    Black Croc:


    Python: (not real but looks totally authentic even close up, thank goodness for the poor little pythons)

  2. Black Croc
  3. I like the black croc, it looks classier.
  4. I actually like python better than croc, but i just dont like the pattern on the python one. i think you will get more use out of the croc one!
  5. Was looking at the black croc, but got the python as a gift. Think I'm gonna exchange it for the black croc, which is stunning in real life.
  6. Black Croc for sure! :tup:
  7. at first i was thinking black croc. black is my favorite color and i always buy black bags. but i think the python would look amazing for the summer with all white, or white jeans.... the black croc looks more fancy to me and the python looks more fun for dinner and going out..
  8. I think the Black Croc would go with so much more.
  9. I like them both...the python would match my shoes today PERFECTLY!!! The only thing I'm not crazy about on the python is the silver accent.
  10. python
  11. It really depends on if you are using it for day or for evening. The python would look awesome with summer dresses but I think in the evening you will want something a little more formal.
  12. def. the black croc
  13. black croc
  14. Oh, probably the black croc....
  15. I'll take python anything any day.