Which CLs to chooes from? >>

  1. Hi ladies,
    I want to get a pair of CLs among the ones below, but not sure which one to get..got any suggestion among these? Also, I don't wear much dresses..most jeans and pants...so plz suggest..thx
    1) Speechio Very Prive Pump - pewter patent leather..not sure what pewter color is and not sure if patent will be too much for day wear...do u think this will be too flashy?

    or this is better in black?

    2) Patent Leater Pump: nice and simple...without the platorm part which I think might be easier to match but I think patent again is too much. I'm looking for not patent one but bergdorf and neiman doesn't have it :sad: and wanted to order from there bc I have store credit

  2. Ooops..forgot the pix of the second here..here it is:

  3. I pick #1 in pewter!! I think they would look great with anything especially jeans! It stands out!
  4. I love the platform for CLs. Makes teetering on big heels a lot easier IMO. I vote for the black V. Prive!!
  5. i vote for the ones in the 3rd pic. they look like the perfect height heels
  6. I love the pewter! Plus I think the platforms are more comfy.
  7. I'm partial to the pewter b/c I have them on pre-order. lol

    I think the black patent very prives w/ the red tip are a great choice though too! Like hsl said, the pewter stands out more IMO. :smile:
  8. I like the pewter, they are very pretty but I think that you will have to be careful with what you wear them with in the daytime since they seem very sexy. But I also like the black patent because of the red tip.
    Pwecious, I feel your pain because I go through these decisions on a weekly basis at least!
  9. That's a hard decision. I think either of the black very prive or yoyo will be the most practical choice given your trepidation over flashy daywear. :lol Seriously though, I think both styles can be versatile enough with your pants and jeans.
  10. Black VPs! You can't go wrong with black and the classic shape! I wear my VPs with jeans all the time.
  11. I like both..but the only problem is that I think patent is a bit too flashy for me..what u think?
  12. Another vote for pewter, that color is divine!
  13. Very Prive in black. I think you will get a lot more use in them. They are very very comfy. I wore mine in green last night....they are very sexy.
  14. I have this in red and there very comfy. i am also into jeans and cute tops...
  15. You can get the Black Prive that aren't patent lather. I saw them at Saks last week.... In my opinion i don't think that jeans and patent leather shoes are too much, I think it's nice and chic.