which cles?

  1. should I get the mono or damier???? I can't decide. I have a mono speedy and a damier speedy. So they both go with my bags..........help!!! Thanks:smile:
  2. I am having the same dilemma (well, mine is which 4 key holder). I have a mono Speedy and a Saleya and I ended up getting a orange Perfo cles. It looks cute with both and adds just a little color. :smile:
  3. Either or.. this is a tough one! Both will go, both are pretty.
    If I had to pick one and I was undecided, I would go with the Mono cles.
    ...Or you can just go with an entirely other one like crochetbella did and get a Perfo cles.:yes:
  4. i like mono more:smile:
    but damier can look VERY classy!

    play eenie meenie mynie mo.
  5. I like the mono cles... as it look more classy...
  6. Get the mono. You can pick up the damier later if it still haunts you. :graucho:
  7. damier or damier azur
  8. dont get them both, get vernis or epi leather ... something stand out and looks cuter ..
  9. buy both or get the mono first. :yes:

    i have the mono speedy 30 and also have the mono cles.

    i also have the damier azur speedy 30 and also have the azur cles.

    planning to get either the red epi cles or red vernis cles for my black epi bags. leaning more towards the red epi cles now.

    i like matchy-matchy :love:
  10. i can't decide either. mono is classic, damier is so classy....argh!
  11. what about red groom cles? the red goes great on speedy, and make it less obvious of it's mono pattern :smile:
  12. i think the groom cles is adorable too, but im always afraid that the paint will chip off since i plan to use mine all the time. wait, did they ever make a red groom cles?? the one i've been looking at is yellow..? :shrugs: red would be cute on a cles!
  13. Upgrade to Suhali!!! :nuts:

    Hmm... I would choose Damier over Monogram. The Monogram Canvas Cles alone looks cheap, IMO.

  14. I agree! How about the Vernis in Pomme D'Amour? I love it with my damier duomo!
  15. does anyone have it in the damier azur?? I wonder if it would get real dirty if I use it as a keychain??