Which Cles!


Which cles should I get?!

  1. Pomm de amour

  2. Cerise

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  1. i can't decide!!! i used to have a mono cles, which i used to death but i gave it to my bf (to teach him about the virtues of LV :p ). then, i bought the groom cles and now, i can't decide between the cerise cles or the pomme d'amour cles. which one should i get?

    they would both end up around the same amount - only, the cerise cles would be LE and in a used condition and the pomme cles would be brand new.

    eta: oops sorry i got the spelling of the pomme cles wrong in the poll (:
  2. depends on what u want to put in cles, Vernis pomme d'amour is hot, but don't hold as much as your mono cles, cerise cles will be the exact same capacity of ur mono cles. I'd go w/cerise cles since it holds more and it's LE ^^
  3. the vernis cles just seems soo much smaller. but idk you do already have a groom cles. lol. idk...
  4. i saw the pics of your pomme cles with the azur speedy - so hawt! i've never owned a vernis piece though, so i'm thinking it would be great to have the pomme cles as a start. but, the cerise cles would look so cute with my mono speedy. the pomme cles wouldn't match with anything i have. ooh, wait. i could use it with my azur pochette. ARGH. decisions!!! :shrugs:
  5. I chose vernis because you already have a canvas one.
  6. pomme d'amour!
  7. My vote is for.... the Cerises Cles.
  8. I'd go for the Cerises also...it's harder to get than the new Pomme one..you have time to get that one if you still want it.
  9. totally agree! :yes:
  10. cerises!!!
  11. Cerises

    don't ask me why. i will only say...My name is Cherry
  12. :nuts: that's so cute!
  13. cerises nice to have one..
    and also Pomme.. so cute too

  14. Cerises; I like a little bit of curve on the corners of canvas cles.
  15. Pomme D'Amour all the way!!!