which cles

  1. so i just got my mono speedy 30 yay...and im going to get the azur speedy 25 for christmas...my question is should i sell my perfo cless and buy the damier azur cles or just keep my perfo cles? after seeing misty situation i fell in love with the duo!!! ahhh what to do?!?!?!
  2. Ooooooh keep the one you have and get damier azur too!
  3. i have had almost every cles and the only one i've been truely satisfied with is the perfo cles. it's larger, has a better zipper pull (no chipping), and has more personality. you can always get an azur cles further down the line, and by that time your perfo cles may even go for more because of it being limited. i'd hang onto it.

  4. ^ITA...I'd keep the perfo cos it's limited..selling it and then possibly regretting it would mean I'd have to pay way more for it on ebay eventually. Get the azur later, afterall, it's a permanent line...
  5. Keep it.
  6. Keep the perfo cles as it's limited - and they're so nice!:yes:
  7. I vote keep the perfo! that way once you get your azur speedy, then you can have 3 LV items from 3 different collections! Also the perfo is very cute haha
  8. keep perfo cles!!, by the way which color do u have????

    to me, perfo is more special, it will hang nicely on ur speedy :smile:
  9. Keep it! The perfo is far more limited than the Damier Azur...besides it's also better looking.

    Hi Kodi! Nice to see you here...welcome :smooch:
  10. Keep your perfo!
  11. Ya keep it! You can always get the Azur cles later.. its permanent. :biggrin:

    Good luck with your decision!
  12. I would definitely keep the Perfo. :yes:
  13. The perfo amazing. Keep it.
  14. I love my perfo. Don´t sell it!
  15. i have the green one! originally i got the last fuchia one in the country the dummy that iam returned it!!!!