Which Cles ... Vernis or Epi ....

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  1. Okay, I haven't called 866 yet, so I don't even know if either of these are still available, but I sold my noisette cles because I wanted something a little more colorful. I can't decide between the mandarin epi (I have a pochette and a keepall in this color) or the indigo vernis (I have lots of vernis stuff, but no indigo and really want something in this shade!). I have been holding off because I'm going to NYC the first weekend of November, but with the price increase, I'm going to call this week.

    Which would you get? I'm going to put my car key on it and my licence, debit card, and insurance card in it, because I often leave work to run errands during my planning and don't want to have to lug my purse around.

    And, on the offchance both are gone, what else should I get? I was thinking damier or mini lin as a backup.
  2. I like that epi is sooo durable.. but I definitely prefer vernis for it's looks. What can I say, I'm shallow like that ! :shame:
  3. i would say mandarin epi.
    first, because i like epi more than vernis. and mandarin is sooo pretty!
  4. Vernis in Indigo.....back up will be Damier as I doubt the durability of mini lin.:smile:
  5. I am going to get slapped, but I just have never liked the epi line - it reminds me of corrugated cardboard. Get the vernis!
  6. I just got the mandarin epi last month....Love that cles.
  7. Vernis! :yes:
  8. Out of all the epi - I do like the mandarin color the best.
  9. Vernis!

    LOL, I hope all the variation in every other answer doesnt make you more confused
  10. I like the epi bags, but in accessories I prefer vernis, or damier. Good luck!
  11. Vernis
  12. Vernis - are there still indigo pieces floating around or just on eBay? If there are still some in several LV stores, get that before it's gone.
  13. augh this is hard but id say pepermint vernis.
  14. There are some indigo things still available, but I don't know if there are any cles left.

    ^^ If there were peppermint, I would totally get that! I :heart: that color!
  15. I own the vernis red and it is so gorgeous I use my mono cles for everyday and bring out my baby red vernis for special occassions it is sooo glam....