Which cles to match my wallet?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Its my first time opening a thread becos I dont know where to post my question!

    Anyway, I just bought a new red EPI french purse during my recent holiday to Hong Kong...

    And i came back to find out that it would not fit all the cards that I have. Lesser important cards like discount cards and so on. Right now, i have tempoary placed them in the coins area.

    Therefore, I would like to get a cles to either put my cards, or coins (i have yet to decide).

    So i was wondering, should I get a red epi cles to match my wallet? Or a Mono cles to match all my bags? (most of my bags are mono)

    Which cles carries more?
  2. I would say mono because it is a bit more pliable and would fit more cards.
  3. Mono :tup:
  4. How about the pomme (the bigger size)
  5. The bigger size one?? Which one?
  6. I saw a damier geant cles... nut depeds on what you plan to use it for. I do not find the cles that coin friendly but perfect for cards.
  7. I vote mono
  8. Yes, I vote for MONO, too!
  9. Why not coin friendly??

    I think i will most prob use the cles to put cards because I realised when I put cards into the coin area of my french purse, it will be very difficult to take out the cards from the main area.
  10. I would also go with the mono cles. It has more room to fit the cards you want to put in it. Or you can go with the new larger vernis cles. That would also fit a bunch of cards.
  11. I quite like the size of the larger vernis cles... However, Im a little afraid of getting a vernis becos its harder to maintain. Right?
  12. There are 2 sizes of vernis cles. One only holds a few cards. The larger one is called a cles pochette. Here is a photo of mine

  13. You absolutely have to get the bigger clés in pomme!;)
  14. Ow and vernis isn't that hard to maintain. I had a ludlow that I used for a year. Nothing wrong with it! No scratch, no dirt just a bit dirty at the edges but that was really difficult to notice... I did not baby my wallet at all!
  15. Thanks for everyone's feedback!

    Went down to the boutique yesterday, and got a mono. Not epi because it was quite slim and the SA said that it might not meet my needs of fitting lots of cards inside.

    Maybe my next item shall be a vernis!