Which cles to keep?

  1. I bought 2 cles from eluxury and now I'm trying to decide which one(s) to keep! I bought a Framboise vernis cles and love it! :heart: It is staying here. My dilemma is whether or not to keep the Groom cles. I couldn't decide between the Groom and the Perfo cles, so I ordered the Groom. I do like how it looks with my mono bags but what about the size? Is the Perfo really much bigger?
    Another crazy dumb thing I did. I had no idea how to open the darned key holder! :confused1: Had to call 866 to find out. I really felt silly but at least now I can get it open. :sweatdrop:
  2. I think the Perfo cles is much cuter, IMO. Also it really does seem way bigger!

    I'd say keep the Groom if you like it, but if you're not feeling that into it, then maybe let it go?
  3. Keep the Groom, that I would!
  4. If you're not wholly in love with it, then swap it. If you were wholly in love, you wouldn't be asking this question! Try the perfo. :smile:
  5. :p keep both if u can
  6. Had the Perfo in the beginning and dumped it from the cart ....like the Groom but it's rather small. Maybe it is a cute bag charm, but not much more? I'm not feeling that "gotta have it" crunch, perhaps? Guess I am greedy...I want cute, as well as functionality. My worry about the perfo was what if I snagged that Perfo section and tore the leather? :confused1: Am I worrying over something that won't happen? I am very careful with my bags, but accidents do happen.

  7. I say keep the groom. I love the stripes against the mono bags.
  8. PERFO!!!

    PS: good French! lol In the title and the "2 cles" parts, you didn't say 'cleses' (which is wrong and is also what I often see lol) because there's no need to add another (E)S for plural when the word already ends in a S in French ;)
  9. Ha! I took one year of French language in high school...it helps out occasionally.;)
    And P.S. I went online today with eluxury and they are sending me the Perfo cles and will have it here in a few days. Then I can compare and decide but I think I'll either keep all 3 or send back the Groom.
    Thanks everyone for your input. It's always good to get other opinions. :yes:

  10. I think its personal preference to which style you like better..I would keep the perfo, not a big fan of the groom!
  11. i prefer perfo as well..don't really like the groom.
  12. i like the groom... the little boy is too cute :p
  13. idk i love the groom. the perfo looks weird to me. i know its bigger...but as to how much more im not sure. i have the groom. why not get both. (lol always my answer) cles are pretty cheap.
  14. and no matter what...both will hold more than your framboise.
  15. I would say keep the perfo. I like more than the groom cles. As far as opening the key holder, I didn't know how to do it either. lol I had to take it to the store and get them to open it for me so I could put my keys on it. And don't feel bad, I have had mine for 2 years and I still can't open it. hehe