Which Cles to get???

  1. I want to get one to get a Pochette Cles to go with both monogram bags and my Kenyan Fawn Petit Noe - Can you think of a Cles that would go with both (other than the plain monogram?) Thanks gals!
  2. I´m thinking the monogram charms cles! I think the colour would go great with your bag!
  3. I actually looked at that one today and it clashed with the fawn!
  4. Bleh! Then how about damier or mini lin?
  5. maybe the Damier - not sure how it would look with the fawn
  6. The mini lin might look good.....or how about an Epi in some color that would match both?
  7. What color did you look at? It seems the white would go it has that nice warm trim on it? I agree the mocha would clash..

    Other than that I can't think of any that would work.
  8. I don't remember - I think they only had one and it looked awful, lol! We looked at the Mini Lin as well but that was worse!
  9. What about the Noisette Vernis?
  10. Definitely the Damier. I love that Noe.
  11. Thanks - its become my new favorite bag!