Which Cles to get?


Which Cles?

  1. Mono

  2. Pomme

  3. White MC

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  1. I would love to get all my fellow tPF'r opinions!

  2. The vernis cles is very cute, but the fingerprints are SO annoying so I would recommend the damier or the mono.
  3. The Pomme is gorgeous...but the Mono is much roomier than both the Vernis & MC. If you can sacrifice some space, then go with Pomme!
  4. pomme :heart: - i use mine more as a key chain, rather than putting stuff in. I just love whipping it out. Unfortunately i can' whip it out that often.. i have a lexus and it's a push start and sensor doors. But i still love having it.
  5. I'm in a Vernis day today... I can't get Pomme out of my head either. :p
  6. i voted for white MC. i LOVE it
  7. I love Mono and Damier!
  8. Pomme is very hot
  9. I have the white MC, but I also have the Groom cles and it's my favorite because it can carry more, and it's LE and different.
  10. ITA
  11. I voted for pomme since it goes with almost all of the LV bags ( I have it and love it) ... however if you're going to use it to store a lot of keys, cc's or cash ... then I would suggest the mono.
  12. Thanks for all your opinions everyone! I guess I'll see which one fits stuff the best, or which one I cant get out of my head! :p
  13. I guess it depends what you will be using it for. Alot of things or just a small amount of stuff.

    I'd get the Pomme for "pretty" because it is a tight fit and doesnt hold much.

    ..... and I'd get the Mono for "practical" as it is more roomy and holds more then a Vernis and MC Cles.
  14. Pomme cles is beautiful! It's kind of hard to get cards and change in and out of, but I clip it to the inside of my Speedies and keep subway cards and bus change, along with IDs, in there. It's just a beautiful accessory to have.
  15. ITA. I voted for mono because it is the most useful. I have the mono and the pomme, the mono holds much more.