Which Cles to get??

  1. I would buy EVERY Cles if I could [like Rebecca's amazing collection!!], unfortunately, not that fortunate.

    SO. The question is: which cles do I get?? [or for right now, put on my wishlist for purchase in near future]

    I'm definitely not wanting a Multicolor or Epi Cles, and nothing LE [so no to Groom and Cherry/Cherry Blossom]

    Either Mono, Damier, Azur, Denim, or some color of Vernis.

    Please help!

    [Oh, and if someone could kindly post a pic of what they can fit inside of a Cles, I would GREATLY appreciate it!] :tup:
  2. I love the Denim Cles :yes:
  3. definitely damier azur or denim! they are great summery colors, but work well in the winter too!
  4. vernis fits a lot less inside than anyother line. id go denim. i do love my pomme cles though.
  5. Out of the choices you listed, I would definitely get the Denim Cles.

    It is way too cute and I have not seen many people with it.

    If you want to see pictures of different Cles to help you out with your decision, click on the following tPF thread below.

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  6. I love the Denim Cles.
  7. I like the Azur Cles a lot. It's so fun and cute!
  8. Pomme vernis!
  9. Mono, the classic one :yes:
  10. i say denim. i want a cles sooo badly (amarante vernic cles....ooooooh) but I dont have the money since the wedding is coming up :sad:
  11. denim
    vernis and in that order
  12. Denim
  13. Sorry for the bad pics.....took it with my cell phone

    The denim is slightly bigger, and can hold more, because its cloth (i think...lol)
    0816071855.jpg 0816071856.jpg
  14. Vernis fits the least, but they are so colorful and fun:smile:


  15. I think you should get the Denim Cles! If not that, then get black MC.