Which cles should I get?

  1. I'm thinking about:

    -Vernis in Framboise
    -Monogram Mat in Black (Do they still make these?)

    I need something fairly durable so I decided against the Suhai and the MC lines. The epi was too small/stiff for me and I wasn't a fan of the perforated when I saw it in person.

    Thoughts?? :biggrin: Thanks!
  2. If the emphasis is on durability, you should go with the Damier (out of the 3 choices you listed).
  3. Vernis in Framboise! :smile:
  4. Vernis!!
  5. Vernis!
  6. Vernis.
  7. durability--go w/the damier.
  8. Vernis
  9. Damier - No color transfer!
  10. If it's durability you want, go for damier.

    But if it's a cles that you want to go with all of your bags, go for the vernis :smile: Plus the framboise is a beautiful color.
  11. I've got a red Vernis cles, and I love it.
  12. DAMIER!:love:
  13. I use a red epi cles. Go for the burst of color.
  14. Yea I tend to go for bright accessories (wallets, credit card holders, etc.) The framboise is REALLY calling my name but I'm so darn practical!
  15. I have a MC cles for 5 years with no problem, don't be turned off of that, they are durable, I stuff all kinds of things in it! I think the mat glace is DC in black. Vernis can be suceptable to color transfer, go with the Damier.
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