Which cles should I get?

  1. I've been using my Cerises Cles pretty much EVERY day since September. So I'm getting kind of bored looking at the same cles all the time and was thinking about getting a new one to switch it up.

    Which one do you like the best:

    Mini Lin Ebene
    Mini Lin Dune
    Amarante Vernis

    The Amarante one is probably the prettiest, but I'm worried about it not holding enough. It has to fit 3 plastic cards and a $20 bill.

    If you have another suggestion other than the ones I've listed, please let me know, but I want it to be from a line I don't already have...

    Therefore, NO Demin, Azur, Monogram, Epi, MC, or Pomme.

    EDIT: Sh*t! I forgot to include a poll and now I can't add one! :cursing: :crybaby:
  2. Hm... I'm torn between mini lin ebene & amarante. I think a vernis cles will hold 3 cards and a bill if that's all you need it for. I have much bigger demands for my cles, that's why I don't have one yet!
  3. I have an amarante cles....and i have a cerise cles too. But comparing the two, the cerise has more "flexibility". But I bring both all the time. THe cerise is for coins and the amarante just cards. Here's some pics for your reference

    Some of the cards I put into my amarante

    [​IMG]THere's still a lot of room!


    It doesn't look that bulky...
    Hope it helps:heart:
  4. I like the Damier one , I wasnt to impressed when i saw Amarante and i only held it for 1 minute and my finger prints where all over it!
    But i think the Damier cles is very pretty and you can put more in it.
  5. Thanks for the pics! ^

    Yeah I know, the Cerises Cles holds a TON! Its my favorite cles ever, but after using it everyday for 10 months, I'm bored! :p

    Wow Amarante holds more than I thought! Are all those 5 cards plastic?

    Where is your Amarante Cles made? Just curious.

  6. They are all CreditCard- like materials. And the Amarante Cles i have is made in Spain :smile: The reason i bought the cles is that i know I won't be buying a amarante bag because of the fingerprints. But the fingerprints on the cles doesn't bother me at all:yahoo:
  7. Get the amarante . thats the one i want too. Its the most beautiful one. Good luck
  8. Yeah, I don't think fingerprints on the cles would bother me either.

    So you think the Amarante Cles is worth it for you? It was $215, right?
  9. I think it's worth it, I like the color very very much! ( this is my first vernis piece) And it fits more than I anticipated, at first when i opened and saw the interior, it won't fit as much as my cerises one but once i got home and tried to fit things into it, it turned out beautifully :heart:

    I think if you want to get a mini lin cles, you should wait for the Cruise08 one. it's a round coin purse cles...it's super yummy!!! :tup:

    I think it's 215CDN
  10. Thanks for the info. Nah, I don't want a round coin cles, cuz I want something I can just stick in my pocket when I don't want to carry a purse.

    BTW, are you waitlisted for a Epi Lockit at Hotel Vancouver? Do you know if they got any Miroir ones?
  11. My SA helped me WL for the ivory epi lockit. I don't know about the miroir ones tho since I am not a fan of this line (I don't think I look good in miroir ones, it's too bling bling for me :p). I can't wait till i see the ivory epi locki IRL, some TPFers have seen IRL and they said it looked :tup::tup::tup:

    Where in Canada you live in? I find LV @ Hotel Vancouver is quite slow in getting new things in....IMO tho.
  12. Who is your SA if you don't mind me asking? I'm from Vancouver too.

    Are you waitlisted at Holt Renfrew or Hotel Vancouver?

  13. OHH Goodies~ I WL at Hotel Vancouver. My SA is Grace. I used to just go there and buy things out of random SAs but i recently started to find her whenever I go there, she's a Chinese lady with glasses and I would recommend you to her.:tup: Are you also interested in the epi lockit? Maybe I will PM you when I receieve any news from her~

    Overall the SAs at Hotel Vancouver are very nice. I only bought 2 things @ the Holt Renfrew before. Do you have a SA in both LVs?
  14. OMG! Grace is MY SA! LOL! She knows me by name, and my Aunt and Uncle from Winnipeg always go to see her when they are in Vancouver!

    If Grace is not available then I go to Miho.

    Did she say when they will get the epi lockits? I'd like to see them irl but I'd also like to wait until purple epi comes out.

    At Holt Renfrew, I like Jeffrey, a Chinese boy with no glasses. :p

  15. Oh my goodness~ What a small world! HAHHA Grace is awesome. And who's Miho? Sounds like a Japanese name to me. Grace didn't really say when...but I am thinking in about a week or two....since it's supposed to be released on July 1, and beside epi lockit is already in the states (not all i think)

    About the new purple epi color...Grace has no idea........but she'll keep me updated on this....She's also keep an eye for the Cruise collection for me...hehe All i can say is she's one awesome SA! :heart::tup: