which cles should i get?

  1. I really want a cles! I am debating between a damier or a pomme d'amour vernis.
    Does one fit more than the other? is there a size difference between the two? please help me decide!
    Thanks in advance!
  2. The damier will be a tiny bit larger and less firm than the vernis. But I can tell you that the pomme is totally worth it - it is beautiful. Have fun picking!
  3. i love the pomme. i want one to use as a charm on my speedy the colour is yummy
  4. I have the pomme and love it. The color is gorgeous! I would suggest going with that one:yes:
  5. If you like something bright then go with pomme. I have a damier cles so i'll choose damier
  6. The Damier Cles will fit a bit more, but I looove the look of the Pomme Cles!
  7. my vote is for the pomme.
  8. Cles maybe?
  9. I like the pomme :smile:
  10. I am feeling the way you feel.... I want a cles that both beautiful and practical for using, that is why I have NOT bought yet...coz I don't know which one to choose:sad: :sad: :sad:
  11. Pomme! It's so pretty and shiny!
  12. I love the vernis cles', damier doesn't go with as many lines, so if you want to clip it outside the bag I'd go vrnis. Pomme looks fab with mono & damier, actually pomme looks great with almost all LV's. can you tell I'm partial to pomme?? :smile:
  13. I like the Damier better.... Sorry... I DESPISE la pomme
  14. Damier
  15. that's me too! i still can't decide...