Which Cles... Mini Lin or Damier Azur?

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Damier Azur cles or Mini Lin cles?

  1. damier azur

  2. mini lin

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  1. I can't decide and would like to hear a few opinions. I want to get a key cles and have narrowed it down to either the Damier Azur, which comes out in Nov., or the new Mini Lin.

    A little background: I own a Saleya PM, and in November, I also plan to get the Azur French purse wallet. I don't know if that should factor in, but I do have a wide variety of LV pieces, from white MC to Mono to Damier already.

    sorry there are no pics; even the regular Damier cles is out of stock on elux.

  2. Damier Azur.. as if you need to ask ! :graucho:

    The Mini lin just doesn't seem as durable, it's cute yes.. but not as pretty as the azur !
  3. Damier - it's more durable.
  4. I voted for Damier.:heart:
  5. Definately the damier.
  6. Damier Azur!
  7. I must admit I am leaning toward the Azur as well. I really want to see it in person! Anyone know the retail on the regular Damier cles? $150, I hope?
  8. I voted mini lin...only because I have one and am biased lol
  9. I voted for the Azur although I have the mini lin. I love the cles and have alot of them. The Azur seems more durable as everyone mentioned.
  10. Azur, it's so pretty! :heart:
  11. I voted for Azur cos of durability! But they're both gorgeous looking.;)
  13. Azur all the way!

  14. I agree, Damier Azur! And I think it's been said that the Damier Azur should be the same price as the Damier...so yeah, $150.

  15. Damier Azur. I'm getting one myself.
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