which cles is the best??

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  1. Hello
    I want to buy a cles. But I don't know which one. The mono, mini lin and damier are boring I think. I want something different but of course with the lv embleys.

    A cles which can I hang on my speedy mono and other bags too that are not from lv. To make they more stylish. A "eyecatcher". I hope you know what I mean :sweatdrop:

    So I hope you have nice opinions + pics for me :idea::girlsigh:
  2. The best cles, IMO, is the Groom


    If you don't care about actually using it for cards & cash, get the multicolore cles, or the vernis in pomme.
  3. I have a vernis cles and i love it! the color is pomme de amour
  4. The vernis cles in pomme de amour is the perfect colour for mono. Get that one!!
  5. Vernis all the way...in Pomme or Amarante..or Violette!
  6. I love ALL mine but I would have to say that the one I find more useful is the Denim one, it seems bigger than the others and Im usually wearing denim so it matches great
  7. Groom, mono, damier, denim if you prefer roomy.

    Vernis, suhali, epi, etc.. if you like flat and not tuck your keys in it...

    I prefer the groom over everything: roomy AND funky lol
  8. thank you so much for your opinions:smile:

    At the moment I think I buy a vernis cles - pomme d'amour. I was in the lv store and look at it today. It looks really nice to me. But my friend says it's too "too much". So I'm not sure anymore ..

  9. pomme vernis cles is beeautiful. Not super functional, but beautiful!
  10. beautiful thats enough for me :angel:;)
  11. I would get one of those new vernis cles's (in pomme:heart:). I have the regular size, and wish I would have known those were coming out.
  12. The new cles in pomme...its functional and gorgeous. Not to mention limited!!
  13. Suhali, Cherry Blossom and Charm are my most fave cles ;)

    MC & Vernis are adorable, too.
  14. vernis cles - pomme de amour of course!