Which cles goes with my Ivory Lockit??

  1. Having trouble deciding on a cles to hang on the outside of my Lockit. I need it to keep my keys handy.

    I was thinking of the Epi in Cassis or Grenade but it's a little smaller then my mono one and I'm afraid I'll split the zip open if I repeatedly close it over my LARGE car key. I tried it out and it does fit but looks like it's going to explode!

    Would the Damier Azur look weird? It has gold hardwear and the bag has silver...

    Help please!
  2. I think something with silver hardware will look beautiful on the lockit .. the new epi purples are just stunning ...if you wanted something for a decoration the miroir silver heart would be so nice too:heart:
  3. ^^ I agree! The miroir silver heart would look stunning against the ivoire epi!
  4. Yeah the mirror heart is gorgeous but purely eye-candy. I need something that will actually fit my keys.

    Would the Azur or even a Mini Lin look that bad? The epi one fits so much less.
  5. i think the new color (purple) epi cles will look good with your Ivory lockit :biggrin:
  6. The beige mini lin would look really cute!
  7. pommeeeeeeee... I saw pomme heart on a ivory speedy... sooooo lovely...
  8. If you're looking for something with sliver you're stuck with the epi line.

    SHOWN HERE: Grenade​

  9. Red would be a nice pop for fall.winter

    If you dont mind the gold with silver this would be nice as well
  10. I think that the azur would look nice, but if you're looking for something larger can you get ahold of the new pochette cles in the vernis lines? They come in violette, pomme and amarante. They should have no trouble with your larger car key and would add a nice solid color to your lovely ivory lockit.
  11. I'd say something flashy! Epi Grenade/Cassis, or Vernis Pomme d'Amour/Amarante!
  12. i like the new purple epi cles
  13. i think anything would look great with ivory, but i think a vernis would really pop!
  14. If you need to put keys in it ... I would go with the basic mono or mini lin since they expand a little more to accomodate keys/remote. It would great with the Ivory Lockit. But if it just for pure eye candy, then definitely the new epi colors!
  15. I think that something with silver hardware would be better, since your Lockit has silver hardware too. Plus, the new Epi colors are really hot!! So I suggest you a grenade Cles!! :yes: