Which Cles For My New Car?? :)


Which Cles??

  1. Rose Pop

  2. Pomme

  3. Amarante

  4. Givre

  5. Classic Monogram

  6. Other (list below please)

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  1. I vote for Pomme!!!! It will look hot next to the colors you chose for your BMW!
  2. I ask because i was looking at picking up a friends 08 X5, but opted for a '10 Benz C300 instead....
  3. Hi op, did you get the Pomme Cles?
  4. I vote for classic mono
  5. Pomme! Got myself one :smile: Matches what you already have and looks very classy.
  6. Definitely pomme!!
    Love your car!
  7. What about the new poudre color...I don't know if a cles comes in that color but it would look great in your car with the gold undertones
  8. I'm thinking about MC cles !!! It's
    Fun and very cute ;)
  9. :back2topic:
  10. Love the X5!! Congrats! We need full body pics.:supacool::supacool: I vote for Pomme. Such a nice pop against the interior.
  11. Closing this thread. OP, if you wish to update us, let me know and I will reopen this thread. :ty:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.