Which cles for Azur Speedy? Azur Cles or Pomme?


Azur Cles or Pomme Cles with Azur Speedy?

  1. Azur Cles

  2. Pomme Cles

  3. Other (please explain)

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  1. Help, I am so indecisive!

    What cles do you like best with the Azur pattern?

    I would like to use the cles with my mono bags as well and I am not sure if Azur will go with mono, but I like the size of the Azur cles better.

    TIA for any advice! It is driving me crazy! :nuts:
  2. i have the perle vernis and i think it looks awesome. i got a pomme mutlicles for the color. i like an azur cles too but i know i personally already have too many and don't need any more... lol
  3. if you could get indigo vernis get that!!! but other wise get perle, i dont think mono would go with azur! x
  4. Hmmmm....I like both. :smile: I think though I would probably have to pick the Pomme because it would be more versatile.
  5. POMME!!!
  6. I agree with the Pomme
  7. I like the perle vernis idea. Or maybe even framboise?
  8. I would say Azur. I think the Pomme looks best with MC and Damier. I love Azur so much I would love to have a cles to match a Speedy!
  9. Framboise is nice choice too :smile: great contrast, if you're lucky and could find indigo that would be HOT!
  10. Definitely a vernis piece! Pomme, framboise, perle or indigo would be fabulous!
  11. I think the pomme would go better!
  12. Bag Fetish, I love that Pomme with the Mono! Gorgeous!

    Does anyone have any pics of Pomme with Azur?

    Thanks for the replies so far! I am hesitant to get Perle even though it is beautiful due to color transfer worries.
  13. Perle would be washed out on th azur.. it would look in with mono or damier but i'd be worried about color transfer.

    hope this pic's helps.
  14. ^^^ Oooh, that red really pops against the Azur. :drool: BagFetish, I am assuming that is Pomme and not Frambois? Thanks!