Which cles color? suggestions?

  1. Okay so I need everyone's help! I am trying to decide between two colors of the vernis cles Pomme d'Amour? or Aramante?

    I have a black Neo Cabby on it's way and I am thinking about decorating it with a Cles! Also because it's a large bag and I need to be able to grab my metro card, path card, work ID easily when I'm commuting to and from work. Do I go for Pomme d'Amour that would stand out against my Neo Cabby? or do I go for more subtle beauty of Aramante? :confused1::confused1::confused1:

    Please help! I need to decide before I head out shopping this weekend! Oh BTW, I'm relatively new to the LV forum but I :heart: you guys!
  2. I think both colors would look amazing.
  3. I would go with the Pomme.
  4. POMME:yes:
  5. funny, but i have been thinking about getting a cles and i am in between the pommo and amarante too! love the pomme because it's that reddish-pinkish-yummy-ish color, but something about that deep purple color sings to me as well. if i had to pick right now, i think i would go w/ the pomme.

    anyone w/ an vernis amarante item: is the color IRL close to opi nail polish in "lincoln park after dark?" i love that nail color and in photos i sort of liken it to that.
  6. I would get the pomme, I think it will go better on the cabby. Also its easier to match with other LV such as mono or damier.:yes:
  7. Pomme!!!
  8. mmm if you want it to stand out i'd say go for the pomme cles.
  9. pomme!!
  10. Wow, no votes for aramante! (except for 1/2 a vote from LVobsessed415 :yes:) didn't expect that! I guess Pomme wins :love:

    Slayer: I didn't think about it that way. You're totally right, Aramante wouldn't match most bags in my collection

    JennMSU: Which one are you leaning toward more? I wish I could get BOTH but my BF would kill me b/c I have been spending s:huh::huh:O much $$ recently.

    I just called NM LV @ shorthills. They have it in stock! What's even better is that I have a $75 GC they sent me for their promotion this past June :yahoo:

    Thank you everyone for your opinions!
  11. I think they would both look amazing too! The only complaint I have about the amt is the finger prints... go with the pomme! How nice is that, a gift card from LV! WOW!
  12. Pomme.
  13. I have one cles and it is pomme. I love it dearly. I hang it off my damier azur speedy in the summer and I'll be hooking it on my other bags this winter. The amarante is gorgeous, too, but I love red.
  14. Lol I'm going with Amarante. I got it a couple of weeks ago and it makes a GORGEOUS bag charm. It has been on my BH for a few days now.
  15. Amarante as the colour is gorgeous.