Which cleaner/conditioner to use on Blueberry and Rouge Vif??

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  1. I just purchased a City Rouge Vif (courtesy of a settlement check from my previous employer :lol: ) and the City Blueberry (her settlement check) for my friend. They arrived today and while the Rouge is perfect in terms of veininess (sp?) the Blueberry is EXTREMELY veiny.....and my friend doesn't like that look at all.

    I really don't have any experience w/conditioning or cleaning the leather on my Bbags b/c the only other ones I have are black which I use on a daily basis and don't clean at all, and my teal which I hardly carry.

    What can I use on my Rouge to maintain it's color and finish and to clean it if needed?

    Also, what can I advise my friend to put on her Blueberry to get rid of the veininess and shine?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I've been searching through all the posts and I'm now totally confused as to whether I should use Lubriderm, AppleGuard, or Lovinmybags stuff! :confused1:
  2. either exchange it or just use the bag, the veininess and shine will go away with use.
  3. I tried that route already. Terry at Bal NYC told me that all the blueberry's were veiny and she picked out the least veiny one. =(
  4. annp, i would just use the appleguard spray on the rouge vif to protect it. no need for conditioner... personally, i only use the conditioner with caution because it has been known to dull some colors. test it first on the mirror or some discreet part of the bag. i use it only if the bag looks dried and thirsty. i don't have any experience with lovinmybags stuff.
    as for the veins and shine on your friend's blueberry, some pple use lubriderm to help with that. personally, i prefer to let nature take it's course. in time with use, it will soften and become less veiny and shiny. i would just spray with appleguard. hope that helps.
  5. I would recommend the lovinmybag products because they don't change the colour and are very soft to the leather. I used the handle spray and the pre-treatmnet on my rouge vif. I used to use Apple Garde but I had the feeling that it dries out the leather after a while and this won't happen with lovinmybag products because they have a much lower ph.
  6. you are right, i just sprayed with apple guard and in two weeks time the bag is less shiny, more slouchy and gorgeous! I didn't get the "thick, smooshy leather that I had hoped for, but now I don't care, the bag is developing deep wrinkles and a more "soft" glow instead of outright shine. I love the apple guard spray and will continue to use it, but i am a little fearful of the conditioner leaving my bag "waxy" or dull just because it is a new, shiny bag. I don't want to go to far to get my vintage look too quickly. Is this silly or does anyone else agree...just protect with the spray and let nature deshine on our own!!!! julie
  7. Thanks for all the advice, ladies :smile:

    I think I'm going to just go ahead and get the luvinmybag products for my rouge vif since there has been a little bit of a debate on the appleguarde products and I don't want to dry my baby out! :lol:

    I'm going to have my friend try the Lubriderm since it seems like it would remove some of those veins that she doesn't like.

    I'll report back the status as soon as I get to test out the products on the bags. I feel like a Bbag doctor or something:lol:
  8. I just used appleguard on the back of my new black city. It was a little too veiny for me on the back. It turned out great! I said I would NEVER use AG again because I felt like it made my one B bag too dull. It didn't with my city. I also bought a brand new bottle this time....maybe the AG I used on my other bag was old. I had it for years. Just a thought.