Which "classic" shoe symbolizes the brand?

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Which black patent is the signature?

  1. Pigalle

  2. Simple

  3. Ron Ron

  4. Decollete 868

  5. Very Prive

  6. Other (please specify)

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. In another thread, someone asked what a "classic" shoe was. I also believe there is a "Classic" collection. But in your opinion, which ONE shoe is the signature for the whole? No doubt it's a black patent something, but which style is it that sits in your mind?
  2. Black patent pigalle it is! :smile:
  3. Defo the pigalle for me
  4. Black patent pigalle!
  5. BP Pigalle 100 or 120
  6. Pigalle for sure. I find it interesting that everyone voted pigalle :lol:
  7. Pigalle 120, definitely for me embodies CL as a whole.
  8. I was waffling between Pigalle and VP but I was swayed by everyone else's vote ;) But the closed toe with probably be the one that never ever goes out of style.
  9. I don't even own a pair, but the Pigalle's symbolizes the "brand" to me.
  10. I have to say the Black Patent Pigalle of course!!!
    My first and still favorite CL!!!
  11. Pigalle. It's on their business card.

  12. ur back! with shorter blonder hair! how have you been? how is school?
  13. yep pigalle for sure
  14. I concur. Pigalle.
  15. ooo! Who voted other!?