Which classic mongram should i buy next????? Advice anyone?

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  1. I recently bought a Monogram Canvas pochette accessories and fell in love with the LV monogram all over again!:love: :love:

    I am researching for my next Monogram piece. I've always had a liking towards the classic pieces and hope that my next monogram piece would be one i would want to keep for a long time to come. I also like the casual look of the monogram canvas and would usually carry them with jeans during the weekends.

    I have sort of narrowed it down to the few attached photos.

    Which one should i get? So far, the only LV pieces i have are monogram mini noe, monogram speedy 30, mono vernis lexington perle and epi mandarin petit noe.

    Which one would you get next?:hrmm: Thank you everyone for your help!
    Picture 1.png Picture 2.png Picture 4.png Picture 5.png Picture 6.png
  2. i vote for the classic mono alma...
  3. Papillon 30!! I love that bag. The accessory pouch is too cute.
  4. You must have a monogram Alma!:yes:
  5. manhattan:heart:
  6. OH MEE GEEE!!

    manhattan gm!
  7. so the vote is now

    Manhattan GM - 2
    Mono Alma - 2
    Papillon - 1

    KEep them votes coming!!! I am keeping score. :smile:
  8. alma
  9. How does the alma interior look like? Does anyone have pictures?
  10. you've got to have an Alma.
  11. While i absolutely love the Manhattan GM, i am seriously reconsidering this bag because when i went to the store to get it, it felt heavy even with nothing in it.

    Which led me to looking for other "better" options. So here i am now.
  12. Score stands at:

    Alma - 4
    Manhattan GM - 2
    Papillon - 1
  13. Manhattan GM!! It's classy and so versatile.
  14. Does anyone else like the papillon? I had expected the papillon to be a poplular one. It turns out the all time favourite Alma and the super chic Manhattan PM are the ones in demand now?
  15. This is the order I would buy them in:
    1. Papillon 30 (great every day bag, goes with EVERYTHING, fits a ton and great in ANY season)
    2. Alma
    3. Manhattan
    And then everything else!
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