Which classic flap has the longest chain?

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  1. I hope to get one which can be carried messenger style. Is the chain on the mini the longest compared to small and m/l?
  2. 1st off, longest chain would be on the jumbo, followed by mini... small & m/l are pretty much the same length -- messenger-style possible, but not appropriate.
  3. The wallet on chains are the best bags for carrying around messenger style
  4. woc has a longer chain than the mini, but it really depends on your preference for the chain length. both can be carried messenger style, for me though, i prefer the mini over woc chain length. as for m/l, i think it is quite uncomfortable to carry it messenger style as it's kinda short and it's better to carry it as a sling bag if you use single chain.
  5. ok got it ladies! Thanks heaps!! I'll settle for the mini then.