Which class is black bag?

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  1. I am trying to decide which classic black bag to choose, which would you pick:

    LV Cluny bb

    LV Montaigne bb

    Prada Promenade medium

    Or this Prada which has a similar shape to LV Montaigne bb

  2. Guess it depends on which one is best for your lifestyle.

    Personally, I would go with cluny bb - my favorite style out of the four. I have it in mm.
    Montaigne is pretty too..I think it is more beautiful than the prada.
    As for prada promenade, I am not a big fan. I prefer LV alma to prada promenade.

    But again, it all comes back to you..which bag type fits your lifestle best.
    Good luck deciding!
  3. I would go for the LV Montaigne bb
  4. I would choose the LV Cluny bb.
  5. Thank you!
  6. Thank you!
  7. Thank you for your response, it is very helpful. I am leaning towards Cluny bb. I am looking for a bag that I can use at the weekends, going out and city breaks. I think the Cluny bb will fit my lifestyle.
  8. Not problem - let us know what you get ;)
  9. Oooh the LV Montaigne bb for sure or the Prada that looks like it :smile:
  10. Cluny!
  11. Thank you Usagihime and bakeacookie!

    By the way, I'm sure you realised the title was supposed to say Which Classic Black bag?
    That autocorrect!!
  12. You picked some good ones! I am planning to get the LV Cluny. But I have a Prada bag that is a larger, arm / hand carry bag but very similar in shape to the promenade and LOVE it. So you can't go wrong with that one either.

    I hate the Montaigne. I don't like the shape or all the LV logos. The Prada tote is meh in black - doesn't have as much personality.

    I think the LV Cluny will hold its value better than the Prada Promenande if that is a factor for you.

    The LV Cluny feels a little more casual neutral whereas the Prada promenade feels a little more casual feminine.

    Share your reveal!
  13. I :heart: the Cluny
  14. Thank you for your reply, I think casual neutral is what will suit my needs. Are you going to get the LV Cluny in Noir?
    I like the shape of LV Montaigne, but I'm not sure I will be comfortable with the logos. So I think I will go for LV Cluny, but I will try it on again and then decide.
  15. Thank you! I love how understated and chic it looks.